What we can do for you

We are also manufacturers. Unlike most designers, we truly understand construction cost and feasibility.

Personalise with Acrylic

Engrave your visuals, slogans and your logo in high resolution directly onto any material.

Polish to Perfection

Have your acrylic edges polished to perfection using our Diamond Acrylic polishing machine.

Present with Pride

High quality standards, competitive pricing and quick production time ensures you always have that cutting edge

Specially Molded Shapes

Now you can have your products produced in various forms and shapes

Container or bottle?

Through blow-molding technology, the process cuts down on labor and the potential for breaking parts, as the molded component is essentially one piece.

Mash your idea

Combine a variety of materials to make your product. From wood, to MDF, to steel, to highimpact materials… the possibilities are limitless

Injection Molding Products

From toys to stationery to bottles, the process of injection moulding accustomed to its best.